January 16, 2013

Stephen K. Wraith

P.O.Box 11553

Aspen, CO 81612


To whom it may concern

It is with great anticipation that I look forward to a coming visit from my friend and fellow climber, Jyamchang Bhote, from Nepal. Jyamchang and I became acquainted when he acted as our lead guide on an expedition to climb and snowboard down Mount Everest in 2009. His company, High Himalayan, has become a successful operation. His skill and leadership got us to the summit safely. We’ve stayed in touch over the years since, and I spent some good time with him when he visited Aspen, Colorado a couple of years ago. I am amazed that he has summited Everest seven times in total in the last few years and twice in 2012.

We have plans to do K2 in the next few years when the situation in Pakistan becomes a little more stable and safe for visitors from abroad. Until then we will continue to try and do climbs in Nepal and hopefully we will climb and ski in Colorado when he visits. He will stay with me for a few weeks, or as long as he can before returning home to Nepal to get ready for the next climbing season.

Jyamchang Bhote is a man of extremely high moral character, loyalty, and honesty. His family is a great climbing family from the Makalu area of Nepal and my climbing partner and I hope to walk to his village on one of our future trips. If things go well with our sponsorship pursuits and climbs, we hope to donate funds to building a school and hospital, or medical check post, in his village. I’ve been coming to Nepal since 1984 and have a deep commitment to the country and the wonderful memories, climbs, and treks I have done there. I look forward to being able to have Jyamchang stay in my home and allow me to be his host. He has been my host in Nepal and I would like to return the favor. I hope to see him in March, 2013.

If I can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact me. Thank you and the people of Nepal for making your country such a great part of my life over the five visits I’ve made since 1984.

Namaste and kind regards,


Stephen K. Wraith