ShaiMy great appreciation to Jyamchang, as my guide and trainer and new friend I earned during the High Altitude Mountaineering Course I took in April/May 2016.
All was fluent, clear, well organized, professional and welcoming all the way from day 1 at the airport, the stay and support in Kathmandu and all the actual days of this magnificent journey to the Everest region.
I found Jyamchang extremely professional and knowledgeable who made my first but not last Himalayan experience to be a meaningful and powerful experience.
During the trekking and course I gained knowledge and practice in technical mountaineering, from rope work, rock climb basics and techniques to glacier practice, ice climbing basics and many many tips and stories.
During this adventure we also climbed to 6K peaks, Island peak and Lobuche peak.
It was great experience to climb those mountains, to be able to use by myself the knowledge Jyamchang gave me.
During those peak climbing we also encountered some “must help” situations. In one of those cases Jyamchang might even saved the life of other climber from other group being able to stabilized her condition and decision that waiting for rescue might be wrong decision and that we should support the climber to get off the mountain before the weather will get worse more than what it is already….and so we did…and all back safe.
Jyamchang was the only guide who carried with him Oximeter to measure my blood oxygen level and pulse and we monitored our condition each night, to stay safe and satisfied.
As 7 times Everest summiteer and Full Certify  International  Mountain Guide ( IFMGA/UIAGM /IVBV,) and honest welcoming personality , I am so glad to have Jyamchang as my guide and highly recommend him for your Himalayan experience.
Also the team work with him were great.
Altogether, making this mountaineering course unforgettable amazing travel…waiting impatiently to the next high altitude mountaineering experience to come.

Shai Simhon ,Jerusalem, Israel.  Email :